La Location

Brenzone sul Garda

BRENZONE is a very old city and all its history lives on in the architecture and in the frescoes of its castles and churches.

Brenzone, on the east coast of Lake Garda, consists of 16 villages to be discovered! Characteristic the picturesque marina that attracts the attention of travelers for the many colors of moored boats and the many inns overlooking the lake that offer beautiful views and excellent lake fish!

Because of the long territory wet by the water, in Brenzone there is certainly no shortage of beaches or even fun opportunities!

There are all sizes, free and equipped, ideal for families or for sportsmen. Point of arrival and departure of surfers or divers. The water is so clear that it is impossible not to dive and the breeze makes the tan easier.

You can choose whether to spend your time walking and hiking or to immerse yourself in the folk atmosphere of events and festivals.